Defending Against Internet Crimes Charges Is Complex

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A criminal conviction can be detrimental on both a personal and professional level. You can rely on The Law Offices of Brian E. Quinn in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, to give you the level of criminal defense you need move forward.

We have experience defending clients against a wide range of computer-related crimes, including identity theft and crimes involving children. We identify and challenge the investigator's use of search warrants, wire taps and seizure of computers.

Internet Sex Crimes Require A Knowledgeable Defense

One fast-growing area of criminal prosecution involves internet sex crimes and the possession, downloading, sale or distribution of pornographic images of minors. Local, state and federal law enforcement officials are routinely surfing the internet and tracking IPS addresses in order to determine hits on a website and where visitors track to. Using warrants and subpoenas, law enforcement investigators are then able to gather information from a person's internet provider in order to identify those responsible for visiting the website, placing it on the internet, receiving and transmitting illegal images including the sharing of files.

The sentences for internet sex crimes involving children are severe. We can often negotiate these cases so that prison is avoided. We work with and will recommend a counselor or doctor who will provide a suitable treatment program which will enable us to negotiate with a prosecutor on your behalf.

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