Experienced Legal Counsel In Domestic Violence Matters

Domestic violence is a serious matter. If you are the victim of domestic violence it is important to take action to protect yourself and your other family members who may be at risk. On the other side, if you are accused of domestic violence there are serious legal repercussions that you may face and it is imperative to respond right away. Both sides require competent counsel who can protect your interests.

Located in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, the attorneys at The Law Offices of Brian E. Quinn understand and can handle both sides of this delicate issue. We also handle the criminal component of these matters, since although these actions originate as domestic relation matters in family court they can escalate to criminal court if the domestic violence involves assault and battery charges or if a protection order is violated. We encourage you to contact us if domestic violence is an issue you are dealing with.

Sensitive Attorneys For Sensitive Divorce Matters

Domestic violence should not be tolerated and immediate action should be taken to protect you and your family. An order for protection or a restraining order can be sought against someone you are related to by marriage or have an intimate relationship with who is abusive. This abuse, which may be spousal abuse, can be in the form of stalking, child endangerment, actual violence or threats of bodily harm.

Our attorneys can help you meet your burden of proof in order for the petition to be granted. We will gather evidence, such as medical records, photographs, witness statements and other proof to show the conduct. If the petition is contested, we will prepare you for the trial.

These protective measures can also be taken on behalf of your children as protected parties. A petition can be filed by a parent to prevent another parent, child, relative or partner from having any contact with the child, including via the Internet or other electronic means, such as a cell phone or text message. If this type of order is violated, it can carry a maximum of six months in jail, $1,000 fine, or both. We can also ask the court to grant a temporary child custody petition that bars contact or mandates supervised visitation.

If you are already engaged in a divorce action we can help you petition for exclusive possessionof the marital home to help put space between you and your abuser.

Contact A Pennsylvania Lawyer Handling Restraining Orders

If you are served with a protection order or want to have one lifted, you should contact us right away. You only have a short time to appeal an order once it has been entered. We can also file to show you are not afraid of a spouse anymore or move forward to have the court enter a final order that can prohibit the defendant from having any contact with the accuser for up to three years. No matter what the circumstances, we are here to help and we are on your side. You do not have to face this situation alone.