What might happen if your professional license is suspended?

With a professional license comes extra responsibility. For example, other professions may have more leeway for individuals to work through personal issues or setbacks. Issues like mental health, chemical dependency or a drunk driving charge might be addressed privately. For doctors, nurses, and other licensed workers, however, such personal issues might develop into a challenge to their professional license.

The process typically begins with an investigation from the applicable licensing board, and may progress into one or more administrative hearings. Even at this preliminary stage, however, a professional could benefit from the strategic advice of an experienced professional license defense attorney. The reason is simple: a license suspension or revocation could strip a professional of his or her ability to make a living, perhaps opening the door to a descending spiral of setbacks.

In a recent example, a doctor whose medical license was suspended in 2001 has only gotten into deeper troubles. The suspension was related to allegations that the doctor had illegally supplied hydrocodone pain pills to a woman with whom he was having an affair. The pills reportedly played a role in the woman’s fatal car accident. The doctor had difficulty finding steady employment after his license suspense. Authorities have now launched new charges, alleging that the former doctor turned to crime several years later in the form of a home health care fraud scheme.

With so much at stake in a board investigation or hearing, a professional deserves to explore every possible defensive strategy. Even outbursts of anger might land a doctor into hot water with prosecutors from the Bureau of Professional and Occupational Affairs, for the specific offense of physician disruptive behavior. 

Source: Dallas Morning News, “Former Rockwall doctor guilty of nation’s biggest home health care fraud,” Kevin Krause, April 13, 2016

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