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One mistake could jeopardize your pharmaceutical license

Whether you work in a privately owned pharmacy in a quiet corner of Philadelphia or a high-volume pharmacy at the front of a superstore chain, you likely have few moments when you are not busy taking calls, filling orders and answering questions for customers. You deal with doctors and insurance companies, and you often have to serve patients who don't feel well and just want some relief.

An addiction could put your nursing license at risk

Like many other nurses here in Pennsylvania, you probably give more of yourself to your job than you realize. The demands of your chosen profession can be emotionally and physically exhausting. Even so, you ordinarily find the rewards of the job worth the sacrifices you make.

Keeping your career healthy can protect your nursing license

Often, the mistakes a nurse makes that lead to disciplinary action or loss of licensure arise from moments of carelessness or distraction. They may also occur when a nurse is feeling stressed or using ill-advised means to cope with the stress.

Protecting your medical license

Obtaining a license to practice medicine is a long and arduous process. You can vouch for the fact that years of your life and hundreds of thousands of dollars went into preparing you for the title of doctor and the responsibilities and rewards that accompany it.

Patient boundaries protect your nursing license

You can probably do without the paperwork and the long hours on your feet. However, if you are like many other Pennsylvania nurses, the most rewarding part of your job is the rapport you build with your patients. In some cases, they may slip in and out of your life, and you barely remember their names. Some patients, though, touch your heart and seem to draw you to them.

Nurse Faces Disciplinary Action Because He Answered "No" to the Question of Intemperate Use of Alcohol After a Recent DUI Arrest

In my blog of September 10, 2015, I wrote that the Pennsylvania Nursing Board revised its Application for Exam and/or Graduate Temporary Practice Permit (TPP) and Re-Exam to include the following question: Do you currently engage in, or have you engaged in, the intemperate or habitual use or abuse of alcohol or narcotics, hallucinogenic or other drugs or substances that impair judgment or coordination.

Nurses often don't realize how fragile their licenses are

You may feel that your nursing license is secure. You come to work prepared for your duties. You may do your job well and keep thorough records. However, your clientele is typically people who are not feeling well and may not be thinking rationally. Depending on your area of specialty, you may have patients who don't survive their stay with you, and their family members may look for someone to blame.

Medical professional and addict: how to protect your license

Addiction is a serious problem, and it is one that can impact various areas of your life, including your career. If you are a medical professional, your addiction not only can cost you your license and your ability to keep your career, it can affect those you treat and care for. 

What can I expect from the nursing board complaint process?

If your hands are shaky lately and your stomach feels queasy, it is understandable, especially if you have received notification that the State Board of Nursing is examining a complaint against you. You may be losing sleep and feeling impatient with others. This is not the best frame of mind for someone in the nursing profession.

Error or fraud? The importance of accurate patient charts

The nursing profession brings opportunities for joy and heartache. Daily, you meet people who are in need, and you provide comfort and reassurance in addition to medical assistance. Even though many days you go home feeling exhausted and defeated, you may still agree that choosing a career as a nurse was a good decision.


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