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What steps can you take to ensure your professional standing?

It can be easy to forget that licensed professionals are subject to the same job stressors and performance inhibitors as everyone else. Problems at home may be taking a toll in the office. Addictions to medications, drug abuse, or mental health matters might be posing a danger to a professional and/or his or her patients.

Superbug outbreaks could pose a new threat to licensing

If you work in the healthcare industry in Pennsylvania, you may be feeling a bit uneasy. 149 hospitals in the state were recently penalized by Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services for high rates of patient injuries. Although hospital-acquired conditions have declined 21 percent since 2010, Pennsylvania hospitals still account for one in five facilities on the list nationwide.

Does Disciplinary Action in Another State Affect my Pennsylvania License?

On a regular basis, I receive telephone calls from physicians and nurses asking me if discipline from another state can affect their Pennsylvania license. The answer is yes.

Could a HIPAA violation jeopardize your professional license?

Privacy rights are becoming an increasing concern in many industries, and medicine is no exception. Healthcare providers must comply with a bevy of regulations, including privacy rights established by the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act. In fact, violating a HIPAA regulation could come with serious consequences, possibly jeopardizing a health professional’s license.

National Practitioner Data Bank

State Board Action can have a permanent and drastic effect on a physician, dentist, nurse, or other health care practitioner's license. The National Practitioner Data Bank collects and discloses negative information on health care practitioners, including malpractice awards, loss of license or exclusion from participation in Medicare or Medicaid.


Many hospitals use a Pyxis machine to dispense medication and use the information from the Pyxis to spot trends in the medication of patient as well as diversion of narcotics. Over the past several years, I often get telephone calls from nurses accused of diversion when their dispensing of medication to patients exceeded the norms of other nurses. Nurses' medication habits differ. Some nurses tell me that they aggressively dispense pain mediation in accordance with doctor's orders as they do not want their patients to suffer from pain.


In the past few years, we have seen an increase in the amount of pre-employment drug screens being required of applicants for positions in nursing homes, hospitals, and state facilities.

Do medical device reps pose an ethical conflict to doctors?

Patients rely on their doctors to make medical diagnoses and to recommend medications and/or medical devices for their conditions. Yet given the amount of money at stake in the medical device industry, could a conflict of interest arise between doctors and sales reps? Are doctors trained on medical device implants?

Is a physician’s license analogous to a property right?

Physicians must be licensed to practice medicine in Pennsylvania. Licensure reflects the successful culmination of years of schooling, training and compliance with state laws and regulations governing licensure. Physicians have an understandable investment in their medical license.

Nurses are required to report criminal matters

When you face criminal charges or have been convicted, your instinct may be to keep it a secret. You may know that it could impact your career as a nurse in Pennsylvania, but think that you can get away with hiding a misdemeanor or criminal charge from the State Board of Nursing. However, there could be serious repercussions if you do not report criminal charges or convictions.


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