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Is medical licensing oversight getting more aggressive?

Professional oversight of licensed medical professionals falls to individual state agencies. According to a recent article, nursing boards in many different states have tigthened their oversight protocols in the past 15 years. 

Could a boundary violation cost you your medical license?

The Florence Nightingale effect may provide romantic fodder for Hollywood dramatizations, but real life is an entirely different matter. Indeed, alleged boundary violations may give way to litigation and other professional consequences, such as a negligence lawsuit and/or losing one’s medical or nursing license. Fortunately, state laws and professional ethical codes do offer some guidance. 

Do malpractice claims prompt medical license investigations?

Is the path to mental health recovery as straightforward as treatments for physical ailments? For example, if something goes awry and a mental health patient commits suicide, should that behavior have been foreseen? 

The Importance of Expert Testimony In A Reinstatement Proceeding

We recently represented a medical doctor who applied to Pennsylvania for a medical license. The doctor's medical license was previously revoked by the State of New York in 1995 for inappropriately touching two patients and a technician as well as several malpractice verdicts against him. Our client reapplied for licensure in New York in 2000 but was denied. Our client applied for licensure in two other states, most recently in 2010; however, both of these applications for licensure were denied.


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