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A nurse’s career can be in danger when misconduct is alleged

On Behalf of | Aug 26, 2014 | Medical Licensing

Some people just see their job as their job. However, for many professionals here in Pennsylvania, it is much more than that. They can come to view their profession as a calling and as a major part of who they are as a person. This is a view that many nurses in the state hold.

Thus, one could imagine how terrifying it would be for a nurse to have allegations leveled against them that could put their ability to stay within the field of nursing in danger. Such an endangering may not just represent a potential loss of one’s livelihood, but also a potential loss of a major part of one’s identity.

There are many different types of misconduct allegations that can lead to the state’s nursing board taking the potential revocation of a nurse’s license into consideration. Such a revocation can kill a nurse’s career. Drug abuse or diversion, patient abuse and alcohol abuse are among the conduct that can be license-endangering for nurses.

For further information on some of the more common grounds for a nursing license revocation, see our article, “Common ways in which a Pennsylvania nurse can lose his or her license.”

The process in which the state’s nursing board considers potentially bringing a license revocation against a nurse over misconduct allegations can involve many different stages, including investigations, negotiations and hearings. At all of these stages, a nurse can take steps to fight for their rights and to fight to defend their professional future. What happens at any of these stages can be of great impact, so having a license defense attorney’s guidance at every stage of the process is something a nurse may find to have benefits.