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Physician in another state files lawsuit against licensing board

A Pennsylvania doctor might undergo license suspension at some point in his or her career. When a licensing board issues such an order, the physician in question is guaranteed an opportunity to request a hearing and present a defense. A doctor in another state is suing the board who suspended his license. He claim that officials violated his rights by doing so.

The doctor treats patients at three anti-aging clinics. An attorney speaking on his behalf stated that the board issued an emergency suspension of his client's medical license without due process of law. The doctor's attorney also informed the court that theĀ board acted without consideration of continued patient care.

Your social media presence can affect your career

Whether you enjoy your time on social media or you maintain a presence because you feel you must in today's world, it is important to understand how that presence can affect your job. As you may know, when you hold a professional license in Pennsylvania, especially in the medical field, your actions in your private life can have a tremendous impact on your career. Social media is no exception.

It may seem innocent and natural to post on social media your thoughts and actions, but there is a fine line to walk when you hold a license as a medical professional. This can involve violations of patient privacy as well as expressing your personal opinions.

Physician license defense: Conflicting testimonies

Any Pennsylvania physician accused of unprofessional conduct on the job is guaranteed an opportunity to deny the allegations. Successful physician license defense often helps resolve such issues. Some situations are more complex than others, as made evident by a case in another state where conflicting testimonies have been given to the court.

On one side is a woman who claims that a doctor sexually assaulted her during a medical procedure. Investigators say the woman agreed to wear a wire to help gather evidence in her case. On the other side, however, is a medical assistant who was nearby when the supposed abuse took place. The assistant says the patient never complained about any misconduct; in fact, she scheduled a routine follow-up appointment.

Suspected drug use prompts medical licensing problems for nurses

When Pennsylvania nurses are accused of unprofessional behavior, it can place their careers at risk. Eight nurses in another state are currently facing medical licensing problems related to suspected substance abuse problems on the job. In situations like this, it is always a good idea to speak with an experienced medical licensing attorney to determine what type of defense strategy may be available to help mitigate circumstances.

The nurses in question have been restricted from legally performing their duties. One of the nurses is accused of exhibiting odd behavior at work, including slurred speech, an unstable gait and yelling at a co-worker. There are many medical conditions that could produce similar symptoms, such as mild stroke or other neurological emergencies.

Factors that may affect your counseling certification or renewal

Obtaining your license to be a certified counselor is no easy task. If you realized in high school or college that this was your career goal, you planned your course of study, taking challenging classes and looking for opportunities to increase your skills and experience. You then completed your graduate work, including field experience with a trained counselor. You sought professional endorsements and prepared for your exam.

The only thing left is to qualify for the ethical requirements the National Board for Certified Counselors sets forth. Because of the delicate nature of the work counselors do and the high level of trust your clients will place in you, the NBCC has rigid rules related to the behavior of counselors. If you are seeking certification or renewal of your certification, you should understand the challenges you may face, especially if your past is not perfect.

Allergy doctor facing medical licensing problems re allegations

Many Pennsylvania residents suffer from seasonal allergies or other conditions related to food, topical products or chemicals. One of the most logical things to do if symptoms arise is to seek medical examination from a licensed physician who specializes as an allergist. An allergy doctor in another state is currently dealing with a medical licensing problem; his license has been suspended because of allegations made by some of his patients.

The situation involves three female patients who are teenagers. They claim the doctor acted inappropriately during examinations when they had sought diagnosis or treatment for allergies. The visits had taken place at two different office locations. The supposed incidents took place over a seven-year time span. The female patients in question say the doctor touched them in a sexual manner while he examined them.

Effects of professional impropriety and physician license defense

If someone accuses a Pennsylvania doctor of misconduct, he or she may immediately suffer a serious job security risk. Not every accusation of wrongdoing is accurate or true, however. It is unfortunate that false accusations can have long-term, far-reaching negative effects on a physician's career. Physician license defense is a key factor to overcoming legal problems that arise in the medical workplace, which threaten suspension or revocation of a license to practice medicine.

There are several ways physicians can lessen the likelihood of allegations of misconduct on the job. First, if a doctor must examine a private area of a patient's body, he or she can insist that a third party be present to serve as a chaperone/witness. In some cases, a doctor may be justified in requesting more than one chaperone, such as if the patient in question has expressed that he or she is uncomfortable or nervous about being examined.

Tips for stress relief in the world of nursing

Most Pennsylvania residents experience various levels of stress in their lives. As a nurse, you may find yourself feeling immensely stressed while at work because of the many activities you need to complete throughout the day and the numerous patients you need to interact with, many of whom may be less than pleasant.

Your stress may not end when you go home either. You could have family or financial obligations that leave you feeling as overwhelmed as you felt while on the job. Unfortunately, if you let stress get the better of you, you may turn to questionable actions in order to handle it. Before you feel such a need, you may want to consider some stress relieving activities.

License board suspends doctor and removes 20 other employees

There is stringent protocol in place in most Pennsylvania hospitals that help doctors and nurses keep patients in need of medication as safe as possible. Long ago, doctors wrote medication orders on pads of paper, and nurses carried out those orders. Nowadays, everything is computerized although digital medication orders are typically read by multiple staff members before a nurse finally dispenses and administers the medical in question. A license board in another state has stepped in and suspended a physician on suspicion that he was either negligently or purposely overdosing patients on fentanyl.

The doctor isn't the only one facing repercussions because of a situation where more many patients in the same hospital have died over a period of time. All of the patients had been treated by the same doctor. They were all also medicated with fentanyl in addition to other drugs in some cases.

Doctor facing medical licensing problems re medical marijuana

In Pennsylvania and throughout the country, controversy continues to surround the topic of marijuana, in particular, whether it should be decriminalized under federal law and whether or not using it in certain forms has medical benefits. Many states have already adopted their own medical marijuana laws. A doctor in a neighboring state was proud to be one of the first physicians to register for the medical marijuana program in his area in 2012, but his work in this particular field has apparently led to medical licensing problems.

In short, the state that issued the doctor's license has now suspended him from practice. In fact, he was ordered to stop practicing medicine altogether by a specific date in February. Accusations against the doctor state that he registered many patients for the medical marijuana program who did not meet the medical qualifications.


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