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What is a pharmaceutical kickback?

As a medical professional in Pennsylvania, you need to stay up-to-date on medications and treatments that could help your patients. This means you may often meet with representatives from pharmaceutical manufacturers who want to advertise new medications and encourage you to write prescriptions for them. Even though many forms of pharmaceutical marketing are legal, kickback schemes are not. Becoming involved in a pharmaceutical kickback scheme could lead to severe penalties, including the loss of your license.

What is the United States Medical Licensing Examination?

The United States Medical Licensing Examination is an exam that is divided into three parts, that is step one, step two and step three. Step one is related to the basic knowledge of your medical science and step two is related to your clinical knowledge and clinical skills. Step three is the final test itself. This exam is required by all the U. S. residents and all the IMGs who want to be a resident in Pennsylvania or anywhere else in the United States.

Top situations that can cause a social worker to lose their license

Social work in Pennsylvania can place individuals in dangerous situations before, during and after therapy sessions with clients. Failure to adhere to the code of ethics outlined for the profession can cause your license to be revoked by the state. A suspended license prevents a social worker from counseling or working with patients or clients in the state.

Nursing license renewals

Many people in Pennsylvania might agree that nurses are some of the most important medical professionals they interact with. Registered nurses, licensed practical nurses and other nursing professionals provide a wealth of services to patients, doctors and medical groups or facilities. Whether they work in hospitals, nursing homes, medical offices or other settings, they can be the ones who spend more time with patients than any other professional.

Physician burnout

For close to three decades, I have been representing physicians, nurses and other healthcare workers in disciplinary actions. In the past few years, I have noticed an increase in my caseload _for physicians with alcohol related incidents or arrests. A common theme among these cases is the stress doctors' face in their daily practices.


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