A Wealth Of Experience And Knowledge

The attorneys at Law Offices of Brian E. Quinn, in Philadelphia, advocate for clients in professional licensing, family law issues, injury, criminal defense and other legal matters.We know the repercussions of a conviction, a  guilty verdict, a plead agreement — not simply the legal ramifications, but the professional ones as well.

Our Team Of Attorneys

Our law firm was founded by managing attorney Brian E. Quinn, an experienced and reputable attorney in practice since 1985. With over 35 years defending criminal charges and licensed professionals, Mr. Quinn works closely with a team of established experts to bring strong strategic defense to your case.

Our practice expanded in 1998 to offer workers’ compensation representation from attorney Darlene A. Marquette. Attorney Roger M. Epstein additionally brings over 30 years of family law and Social Security Disability claim representation to Philadelphia residents seeking a strong ally on their side.

Together, our attorneys and staff serve the community through fierce legal representation and are involved in local initiatives to improve the lives of children, families and professionals.

Completely Committed To Our Clients’ Concerns

Whether we are defending a professional who faces the threat of losing a professional license, advocating for someone in divorce or providing counsel in another matter, we emphasize clear communication, personal attention and a complete commitment to producing the best possible outcome.

When you work with Law Offices of Brian E. Quinn, you can trust you are receiving honest legal advice and case strategies with your best interests in mind. We fight for you and your goals — whether that can be resolved outside of court or needs skilled litigation.

To speak with an attorney about your legal needs, contact us today at 215-545-3338 or by using our online form. Schedule a consultation to learn more about how we can best assist your case.