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Brian represented me in a difficult criminal case. Brian Quinn has what it takes – caring, compassion, tenacity and toughness to get me through the most difficult time of my life. He will look out for you not just legally, but beyond that to help the individual adapt and recover to help keep you from reoffending.

Brian Quinn was not only a reliable, detailed and precise attorney, he truly cared about our family and the outcome of our son’s case. When you or your family has no criminal history, you are really putting your trust in an attorney to help you through the legal mess. Brian was not only accurate predicting the probable outcome, he guided our family along the way to make sure our son got the proper help he needed to get on the right path. Brian backed up the case with everything necessary and knew the proper channels and pieces of the puzzle to make sure the best outcome could happen. He was not only an attorney, but an advocate, adviser, and counselor. He is an excellent attorney and a wonderful person. I would sincerely recommend him to someone who needs help in a criminal matter.

Brian is as tough, passionate, and professional as they come. If you are in the legal fight of your life you’d be wise to have a fighter in your corner. What Brian did for my family will always amaze me.

I contacted Brian E. Quinn due to a nursing license suspension. He worked with me very closely so that I may gather my resources to assist him in the process required to unsuspend my license. He understands the issues a professional faces during a devastating time of potential loss of career and quickly gained my trust. His staff is VERY efficient as well. Because of his efforts, my license became unsuspended. I am now looking forward to returning to nursing!!

I contacted Brian E. Quinn Law Offices for a divorce and custody case and they assigned Roger Epstein. The whole process and experience was handled by Roger in a very professional and compassionate manner. Roger gave sound advice during that difficult time and was able to keep everyone calm throughout it. When it was all said and done, I felt fortunate that I had someone on my side that kept mine and my son’s best interests in mind while helping to resolve the issues in a timely manner. I was impressed with his ability to work things out with the other attorney, thus avoiding unnecessary costs and court appearances.

I worked with Darlene Marquette on a complicated workers’ compensation case that lasted over a year. I had ongoing contact with her throughout that time period. Even though she did not get paid until she successfully won the case, she was always available and extremely helpful through the process. I found her to be smart and professional and would recommend her to my friends and family.

My family was in the legal fight of our life. We needed an intelligent, meticulous and formidable attorney that was going to battle on our son’s behalf. What Brian accomplished was amazing. As Abe Lincoln said about Ulysses S. Grant- “I like him because he fights.” Brian Quinn is a fighter – and if you are in a fight, then you need Brian Quinn.

Joseph P. ‎
Brian is a very good lawyer. His staff is helpful and you know they all have my best interests in mind. This is the second time Brian represented me. He is very attentive and always makes me feel very comfortable. I am extremely pleased with the results. I would recommend him to anyone.

I was involved in a case with the State Board of Nursing. I chose to have Brian Quinn represent me and it was the best decision I ever made. Brian Quinn was knowledgeable and extremely dedicated in working with me during such a trying time. I cannot thank him and his staff enough for their hard work.


Finding this law firm was a godsend. My attorney, Roger Epstein, was as professional as he was brilliant. I achieved with this office what I thought was impossible after dealing with other attorneys and domestic relations court over the last 10 years. Sitting in court with your attorney waiting for your case to be called is usually an aimless event, but It was clear with my attorney, Roger Epstein, that he had an aim. The wheels were spinning every few minutes he approached me with a new calculation or way to attack my case, he appeared to be approaching every angle of my case, which left me feeling confident that I was in good hands. The outcome of my two domestic relations cases far exceeded my greatest expectations. I would highly recommend this law firm for any one feeling hopeless in a domestic relations situation or anyone looking for a great attorney. Thank you, Law Offices of Brian Quinn, and thank you, Mr. Roger Epstein.

The process of a workers’ compensation case is extremely detailed and complex for an uninformed or naive person. The professionals at the Brian Quinn Law Firm, especially Darlene Marquette and her staff, never lost sight of the ultimate goal, that is, to protect my rights and interests. Darlene and her staff were knowledgeable, courteous and prompt in dealing with an extremely complex case. Thanks again for bringing my case to a successful conclusion.