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Nursing license renewals

On Behalf of | Feb 11, 2020 | Medical Licensing

Many people in Pennsylvania might agree that nurses are some of the most important medical professionals they interact with. Registered nurses, licensed practical nurses and other nursing professionals provide a wealth of services to patients, doctors and medical groups or facilities. Whether they work in hospitals, nursing homes, medical offices or other settings, they can be the ones who spend more time with patients than any other professional.

The important nature of a nurse’s job is part of what makes protecting a nursing license so essential. Without a valid license, a person would not be allowed to work as a nurse. Along with completing continuing education requirements, nursing professionals must follow all guidelines of the Pennsylvania State Board of Nursing to receive or renew a nursing license.

Renewals happen every two years. While formal renewal notices are mailed to nurses, it is their responsibility to track the renewal date so that they do not miss it and end up with a lapsed license. These renewal notices are not able to be forwarded in the mail, so it is important for nurses to keep the Board apprised of any address change when it happens.

The Pennsylvania Code indicates that practicing either professional or practical nursing with a lapsed license may result in civil penalties. These penalties may include monthly fines as well as other formal action. Nurses are also required to notify the board of any criminal offenses for which they have been convicted, even if the conviction is an Accelerated Rehabilitation Discipline. Any disciplinary actions from another state must also be reported.