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Licensing board suspends doctor's license amid murder charges

A physician in a state next to Pennsylvania is facing murder charges. It all started a number of years ago when his wife accused him of operating an illegal drug ring. She reportedly wanted a specific settlement in their divorce, one to which he would not agree. The man is now on trial, accused of arranging his wife's murder, and the state's medical licensing board has also suspended his license.  

Keeping your career healthy can protect your nursing license

Often, the mistakes a nurse makes that lead to disciplinary action or loss of licensure arise from moments of carelessness or distraction. They may also occur when a nurse is feeling stressed or using ill-advised means to cope with the stress.

Protecting your medical license

Obtaining a license to practice medicine is a long and arduous process. You can vouch for the fact that years of your life and hundreds of thousands of dollars went into preparing you for the title of doctor and the responsibilities and rewards that accompany it.

Licensing board suspension precedes federal drug indictment

There are any number of reasons the Pennsylvania Medical Licensing Board would suspend or otherwise threaten revocation of a license. Regardless, there are typically several options available for defending oneself in such situations. A doctor in another state is facing serious professional and legal trouble in connection with allegations of illegal drug sales.

Doctors risk medical licensing censures when accused of crimes

If a Pennsylvania doctor were to be accused of a crime, as a doctor in another state has been, it could definitely place his or her license at risk for suspension. Medical licensing issues are often complex, and there is no predicting which doctors will be stripped of their privileges to practice medicine and who be able to successfully defend their licenses. It all depends on individual circumstances and what support is obtained.


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