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Doctors risk medical licensing censures when accused of crimes

On Behalf of | Jan 12, 2018 | Medical Licensing

If a Pennsylvania doctor were to be accused of a crime, as a doctor in another state has been, it could definitely place his or her license at risk for suspension. Medical licensing issues are often complex, and there is no predicting which doctors will be stripped of their privileges to practice medicine and who be able to successfully defend their licenses. It all depends on individual circumstances and what support is obtained.

A doctor in another state is accused of sexual offenses against two of his patients. The 54-year-old physician was arrested on a recent Thursday. One of the charges against him involves a minor.

The doctor ran a walk-in clinic that reportedly tended most often to the medical needs of local college students. Police have appealed to local citizens to report any information they might have that may be pertinent to the ongoing investigation. While criminal charges are adjudicated through the criminal justice system, the medical licensing aspect of a similar situation in Pennsylvania or elsewhere would be addressed by a state licensing board.

Although sexual assault allegations are quite serious, a Pennsylvania doctor’s license could potentially be at risk for others issues as well, even some that do not involve criminal charges. For instance, if a doctor is accused of disobeying regulations or protocol, it could negatively affect his or her license. Anyone currently concerned about a particular medical licensing situation can reach out for support by requesting a meeting with an experienced attorney in the area.

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