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What not to do during a license investigation

On Behalf of | Mar 19, 2024 | Medical Licensing

Facing a medical license investigation is a daunting experience. Anyone in this situation wants to do everything possible to ensure a positive outcome.

How you react to the investigation could impact the results. There are some common mistakes people make that you should avoid.

Ignore the investigation

Failing to respond to the investigation or cooperate with requests for information can result in further scrutiny and potential disciplinary action. It is important to take the investigation seriously and respond promptly to any requests for information.

Discuss the investigation with others

Avoid discussing the details of the investigation with anyone. This includes colleagues, friends and family members. Doing so could potentially harm your case and compromise your defense. You may say something that could eventually come back against you. It is best not to discuss what is happening until the case is over.


It is important not to retaliate against anyone involved in the investigation, including patients, colleagues or regulatory body members. Retaliation can lead to additional legal troubles and can negatively impact your case.

Make false statements

Be honest and forthcoming in your communications with the licensing board or regulatory body. Making false statements can worsen the situation and can lead to further disciplinary action. Know that investigators will uncover the truth, and dishonesty can derail your attempts to clear your name.

Dealing with an investigation into your professional license that could impact your career is never easy. You must maintain a professional attitude and push through to get a fair resolution.