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I recently represented a registered nurse who was accused of altering a prescription. The nurse was employed at a local hospital in the outpatient surgery unit. The patient was given a prescription by a doctor for morphine 10mg. The pharmacist told the patient that the pill only came in 15mg. tablets. The patient conveyed this information to the nurse. The nurse contacted the doctor who instructed the nurse to write a new prescription for morphine15mg tablets and sign the doctor's name to the prescription. The nurse made a note on the original prescription, writing on it "15". Her intention was to contact her supervisor so that the doctor could write a new prescription.

Increase in Investigations Leads To Increased Prosecution By the Dental Board for Possession of Outdated Drugs

In the past 6 months,  we have seen an increase in prosecutions by the State Dental Board for possession of outdated drugs.  We believe that an overall increase in the number of investigations is the cause of this.

Could illegal evidence challenge be physician's winning defense?

In two recent posts, we touched on prescription drug monitoring. A recent criminal case against a Florida physician illustrates how much can be at stake when a prescription is scrutinized for medical malpractice and/or a challenge to one’s professional license.


On June 30, 2016, the Achieving Better Care by Monitoring All Prescriptions Program Act (ABC-MAP) went into effect. . This Act provides for prescription drug monitoring and places requirements on pharmacists and physicians to use the new electronic system.


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