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Do Pennsylvania construction workers face unnecessary risks?

On Behalf of | Apr 5, 2017 | OSHA

Construction work is a relatively dangerous way to earn a living, and the men and women who work in this industry know that they face certain risks every time they show up for work. Despite the inherent dangers of working on a construction site, every employee has the right to a reasonably safe work environment.

One of the ways that Pennsylvania employers can make construction work safer for everyone is to recognize and prepare for the most common hazards present on work sites. Proper training and a concerted effort to eliminate unnecessary risks can greatly reduce the number of accidents on Pennsylvania job sites.

The most common construction site hazards

According to the Occupational Safety and Health Administration, the most common reasons for fatal construction site accidents include falls, electrocution, vehicle or equipment accidents, and trench accidents. It is possible to reduce the chances of a serious or fatal injury by doing the following:

  • Falls: Falls can be prevented with certain protective equipment, as well as the use of scaffolds and ladders. Perimeter protection can also reduce the number of falls.
  • Electrocution: Locating utilities, maintaining safe distance from power lines, using grounded electrical equipment and using ground-fault circuit interrupters are beneficial ways to reduce electrocution-related injuries and fatalities.
  • Vehicle or equipment accidents: One of the most significant ways to reduce accidents related to moving equipment or vehicles is to train workers to only stand in safe zones. Wearing high-visibility clothes can also help.
  • Trench accidents: Preventing trench accidents can be done with proper sloping and shoring. With active protection systems in place for trenches of all depths, caught-in and collapse accidents are preventable.

Construction site accidents can leave you with injuries and unable to work for an extended amount of time. You may feel overwhelmed by your current situation, but you have the right to a full and fair recovery.

Your recovery and return to work

You have the right to whatever medical care necessary for a complete recovery. In addition to the complications you may face in your attempt to secure rightful workers’ compensation benefits, you may also find yourself in a dispute regarding your return to work. You will find great benefit in seeking the assistance of an attorney who can help you fight for the money you need and protect your rights regarding your continued employment.