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Doctor faces medical licensing issues re criminal investigation

On Behalf of | Jul 14, 2017 | Medical Licensing

Investigators in a state adjacent to Pennsylvania have been working for years to solve a murder. A woman who was married to an endocrinologist, and was also a popular radio show host in her own right, was slain. Recently, the woman’s husband found himself facing a criminal investigation and medical licensing issues after police showed up at his office.

The officers say they arrived at the doctor’s office with a search warrant that was unrelated to the woman’s death. They claim when they attempted to serve the warrant, the physician drew a gun and threatened to commit suicide rather than go to jail. The incident culminated with the doctor’s arrest and various weapons charges filed against him. The reasons for the search warrant were not further explained other than indicating that it was part of an investigation involving a number of jurisdictions and not connected to the murder case.

In the meantime, authorities also requested a sample of the man’s DNA because the case to solve his wife’s murder remains active and they believe the information may be helpful to them in light of the doctor’s recent actions. As to the medical licensing issues, the state’s medical board apparently acted due to the now pending criminal charges and the doctor’s personal conduct in connection with the incident. Pending the resolution of the weapons charges in criminal court, the doctor apparently consented to the temporary suspension of his license. The New Jersey Attorney General said at this time, the doctor is considered a potential public safety risk (and also a flight risk due to substantial amounts of cash and passport supposedly found in his office). The issues regarding his medical license are likely to be revisited at a later time.

Not every medical licensing issue in Pennsylvania involves criminal charges. Regardless of the exact details of a particular situation, a medical professional whose license is threatened can seek appropriate representation when attempting to rectify the situation. Allowing an attorney to act on one’s behalf can help alleviate the tremendous pressure and stress typically associated with such situations.

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