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Why is Harrisburg significant to your medical licensing problem?

On Behalf of | Aug 31, 2017 | Medical Licensing

If you’ve come under fire in Pennsylvania and are at risk for losing your physician’s license, you may be feeling nervous about the process you’re about to enter. In this state, all medical licensing hearings are held in Harrisburg, a metropolitan area in Susquehanna Valley. Whether you live near there or will be traveling from across the state, in either case it would likely be less stressful if you did not go it alone.

When your professional reputation is called into question, it may impact your private life and career even before the situation has officially been resolved. If you’re later cleared of all charges brought against you, it may still take some time to restore your good standing in your community since there is often a certain stigma attached to being accused of professional wrongdoing. Mitigating such circumstances is often easier if you allow a highly experienced and aggressive attorney to act on your behalf.

Many medical professionals are at risk for losing their licenses for situations that have nothing to do with their work in particular. For instance, if a doctor gets pulled over on suspicion of drunk driving, it can threaten his or her medical career. Whether one is accused of a safety violation on the job or is facing criminal charges, charges with respect to a medical license require actual proof and cannot be sustained based upon mere allegations.

When you go to Harrisburg, The Law Offices of Brian E. Quinn is full prepared to accompany you and guide you through the process of medical licensing administrative proceedings. We have successfully helped many Pennsylvania doctors, dentists, nurses and pharmacists to defend their licenses and get their careers back on track. We also helped other professionals outside the medical field as well. By requesting a meeting, you can take your first steps toward seeking the best outcome possible in your current situation.