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Licensing board coming down hard on 85-year-old physician

On Behalf of | Oct 24, 2017 | Medical Licensing

Many Pennsylvania residents are frustrated with the current state of health care in this state and throughout the nation. A physician who has been successfully practicing pediatric and internal medicine in another state for nearly half a century says the system has become too computerized and is no longer focused on personalized care and treatment of patients. Her opinion has apparently led to licensing board problems. Because of the way she does business, she has been made to surrender her license.

Throughout the decades, the now elderly doctor has been caring for patients (25 to 30 per week before her current administrative problems arose), and not a single person has ever filed a malpractice complaint against her. Given the frequency of such complaints in the mainstream medical world, most would laud her record as quite an accomplishment. The licensing board in her state, however, recently reprimanded her for not documenting a child’s height and weight and for letting his parents determine his medication dosage for an adverse condition related to his asthma.

The doctor reportedly knows the child and his family very well as she has been treating him since infancy. She noted that with regard to that particular situation, his condition was successfully resolved within three days. The licensing board says her actions were inappropriate and as of mid-October, she is to stop seeing patients.

The well-respected and loved physician refused to sign any document admitting to wrongdoing. She did, however, surrender her license to the licensing board. She stated that anyone who practices patient-focused medicine and does not follow digitally prompted treatments and prescriptions is bound to face problems as a physician in the modern world. As it stands, she is eligible to practice medicine again but would have to start all over in the application process. A Pennsylvania attorney well-versed in medical licensing law would be a great asset to someone facing similar problems in this state.

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