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Review of Pennsylvania Professional and Occupational Licensure Board Requirements and Processes

On Behalf of | Dec 3, 2017 | Medical Licensing

Pennsylvania Governor Tom Wolf recently signed an executive order to examine the state’s professional licensing system. “Requiring a license to work in certain jobs helps to keep all of us safe, but those requirements should be fair relative to other states in our region and across the country,” said Wolf. “Overly burdensome requirements and fees can block some workers – especially minorities or spouses in military families who move frequently – from starting a career and supporting their families.”

The 29 professional and occupational licensing Boards and Commissions (Board of Dentistry, Board of Nursing, Board of Occupational Therapy, Board of Psychology, etc.) will prepare reports outlining training requirements and fees. According to the executive order, “if the requirement or fee in Pennsylvania is above the national or regional average for that license, the report shall include justification for the requirement.”

Furthermore, the report will outline “any automatic criminal history bans on licensure, specifying which crimes or convictions trigger an automatic ban and if a ban lasts for a specific period.” The report will include: the ten most frequent violations resulting in a fine and the number of disciplinary actions imposed on licensees each year for the last five years (fines, penalties, and suspensions).

20.2% of workers in Pennsylvania maintain an occupational license. “We need to find the right balances in our licensing requirements so talented and skilled workers can do their jobs and support our economy as we continue to attract business to Pennsylvania and develop a strong workforce,” said Wolf. “Looking for ways to modernize our licensing process for workers is an important part of that process.”

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