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Licensing board places pediatrician’s practice on hold

On Behalf of | Apr 26, 2018 | Medical Licensing

An administrative process is in place in Pennsylvania and all other states that investigates suspicious actions and complaints against physicians and other licensed professionals in the workplace. A licensing board has the power to suspend a license if it determines a particular party is a threat to public welfare. In fact, sometimes a board takes action if it thinks a person’s actions may pose a threat down the line, if not in present circumstances.

Such was the case regarding a pediatrician in another state when the medical license board recently decided to suspend his license until a particular hearing takes place. Board members say that although the doctor’s alleged actions may not be an immediate threat to public safety, they have chosen to suspend his license for now, anyway. At least 15 complaints have been filed against the doctor, saying he acted inappropriately with patients and other staff members.

The behavior of the pediatrician was described on more than one occasion as “erratic.” One of his co-workers stated that he was heard yelling, “Satan!” while examining two patients. Other complaints suggest he was at fault when a toddler fell and bumped his head when he was rough-housing with him in the examination room. Some also claim he spoke to employees about his sexual relationship with his fiancee.

Several staff members say the doctor made unwelcome sexual advances toward them on the job as well. The licensing board said the physician has no prior criminal history nor has he ever undergone administrative discipline for any type of infraction in his medical practice. The board said it has censured the doctor to prevent a public safety problem from developing. Pennsylvania physicians, as well as any others whose professional actions are called into question may turn to experienced medical license attorneys for support.

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