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Medical licensing situation focused on NICU nurse

On Behalf of | Apr 6, 2018 | Medical Licensing

A neonatal intensive care unit is a specialized department of hospital care in Pennsylvania and all other states that treats newborn infants suffering serious illness, infection or injury. The NICU in another state is currently under investigation regarding several infants who suffered injuries while in admittance. The situation has become a medical licensing concern for a particular nurse who works in the unit.

Some time ago, a report was filed stating that a baby in the NICU had suffered bruising, the cause of which was unidentified at the time. Officials determined that the child’s injuries had likely been caused by swaddled blankets or equipment wiring. When several more infants were injured, the situation led to a police investigation.

The infants’ injuries included fractured skulls and ribs, as well as an arm fracture and bruising similar to the injuries on the first infant whose injuries were previously reported. A federal inspection of the facility was begun; in the meantime, one nurse’s license was suspended. The reason given by the hospital was that this particular nurse had worked in the NICU when the infants were there.

At this time, that is the only cause for suspension that has been provided. While simply being in a certain place at a particular time does not constitute negligence or guilt, it can be very difficult for a medical professional to defend his or her license in such situations. When a nurse, doctor or other professional in Pennsylvania is called before a medical licensing board, it can be quite helpful for the one whose license is at risk to act alongside experienced legal representation.

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