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Tips to alleviate stress in a licensing board hearing

On Behalf of | Jun 19, 2018 | Firm News

As a licensed professional in Pennsylvania, you likely recall how hard you studied and worked to earn your license. Whether that was more than 10 years ago or just took place within the past couple months, if an obstacle arises that calls your professionalism into question, you may worry about the future of your career. One of the most stressful experiences a doctor, nurse or other licensed professional can have is to be summoned to a licensing board hearing.

There are any number or reasons this might happen. The bottom line is that when a complaint, not only can it have immediate negative effects on your reputation, it can also place your entire career at risk. There are several things you can do to keep stress to a minimum and prepare to defend your license.

It’s critical that you gather as much evidence as possible to show you do not deserve a license suspension or revocation. If one has already occurred, you can also compile information that can help lead to restoration. An experienced attorney is a great asset to have on hand in such situations.

The Law Offices of Brian E. Quinn are fully prepared to assist Pennsylvania architects, engineers, medical workers, accountants or any other licensed professional in need of legal representation in a licensing board hearing. Protecting your rights and preserving your personal and professional reputation in your community becomes our highest priority when you request support. Our goal is help you achieve the best possible outcome in your particular situation.