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Licensing board investigating situation involving psychologist

On Behalf of | Jul 31, 2018 | Medical Licensing

Pennsylvania psychologists, like all others throughout the nation, must adhere to certain regulations and protocol that set the accepted standards of practice for their profession. If a licensing board has reason to question the behavior of a licensed psychologist, it may issue a license suspension while an investigation takes place. A psychologist in another state is currently facing such circumstances.

The situation not only involves the psychologist’s co-workers but a private client as well. He reportedly shares office space with several other providers. Each provider apparently has a personal mailbox within the space. The psychologist in question is said to have accessed those mailboxes without permission on multiple occasions.

Officials say, not only did the mental health counselor enter the mailboxes, he opened mail intended for other people. Further complicating the matter, license board members also say they have reason to believe the psychologist deposited, as well as cashed numerous checks and insurance payments accessed from those mailboxes as a means of providing a client with financial assistance. His license has been suspended.

As is common in most states when a licensing board suspends a professional license, the psychologist has a specific amount of time in which to respond to the allegations against him. He may request a hearing but may not practice psychology in his state until the situation is resolved. Pennsylvania psychologists and other licensed professionals who have faced similar problems in the past have often successfully restored their licenses by acting alongside experienced legal representation at their hearings.