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Protect your rights and career in a licensing board hearing

On Behalf of | Aug 24, 2018 | Medical Licensing

As a licensed professional in Pennsylvania, there are numerous personal or criminal issues that may have an immediate or long-term impact on your career. If something happens that results in you being called to a licensing board hearing, you may feel stressed and worried about your future. While it’s possible to go it alone when appearing before the board, it is not necessary and, in fact, may not be the best choice possible.

Most physicians or other professionals who succeed in defending or restoring their licenses credit their successes to the type of support they sought before attending their hearings. An experienced medical license attorney is a great asset to have on hand. Knowledge of administrative and criminal law is an attribute that can be applied to help you try to avoid a license suspension or to regain your practice privileges if you’ve incurred a suspension.

It is not only physicians who risk facing licensing problems. You may work in a non-medical field, such as engineering, cosmetology or landscaping, and face similar issues. Your immediate and future success often hinges on your good standing throughout your community.

The Law Offices of Brain E. Quinn understand the ins and outs of the Pennsylvania licensing board system and are committed to providing strong legal support as your case is fully processed. What you do and say before the board may impact your career. By allowing our experienced legal team to act on your behalf, you increase your chances of obtaining a positive outcome.