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Doctor continues his medical license defense

On Behalf of | Oct 5, 2018 | Medical Licensing

If a medical licensing board suspends a Pennsylvania doctor’s license, he or she may, at some point, have the opportunity to request a renewal, which, if granted, would enable to him or her to return to practicing medicine in this state. Such situations can be quite complex, however, and most physicians understand that they will face great challenges, especially if acting on their own behalf for medical license defense. There is really no need to do so, however, since strong legal support is available.

A doctor in another state may want to consider asking an experienced medical license attorney for help. He recently acted on his own behalf to ask the board that suspended his license for 90 days to allow him to return to his practice. A 3-2 vote instead extended his license suspension for an additional 90 days.

The doctor got in trouble for numerous reasons pertaining to prescription medication. He is accused of disregarding urine sample evidence that his patients were selling or trading the drugs he prescribed for them. Officials also say that four individuals died of overdose in the past two years after taking medication prescribed by the doctor.

Further allegations against the physician state that he wrote prescriptions in a standard form, meaning the same drug and the same amount for many patients without fully examining them to determine a more specific medical need. So far, his medical license defense strategy does not appear to be working as the board has listed him a danger to the general population. Those facing similar situations in Pennsylvania may want to rely on aggressive legal representation in the hope of securing better outcomes.