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Options for physician license defense in Pennsylvania

On Behalf of | Nov 28, 2018 | Medical Licensing

There are numerous issues that could prompt the Pennsylvania State Board of Medicine to suspend a doctor’s practice privileges or to sanction his or her ability to write prescriptions or to engage in private practice. If a physician’s license is suspended, however, there are still options for a meaningful physician license defense. In fact, there are often several key factors that can help those facing such situations to resolve their problems.

There are important due process rights concerning these proceedings. Any doctor whose license is called into question must be notified and given an opportunity to present a defense to the board. Not every complaint filed against a physician results in a license suspensions; sometimes, board officials will review a particular case and determine that it has no merit, or simply issue a warning. While medical practice statutes vary by state, most states would label certain behavior as unprofessional, such as a licensed physician being convicted of a felony.

Occasionally, the board deems it appropriate to revoke a medical license. One can logically assume that the details of such a situation would likely be quite serious, possibly even involving concern for public safety. Even in such cases, the accused doctor is still guaranteed the opportunity to present a defense to the charges.

If the State Board of Medicine suspends a doctor’s license in Pennsylvania, the reasons for doing so must be specified in writing. An attorney well-versed in medical licensing laws can provide support for physician license defense. Board decisions are made on a case-by-case basis and acting alongside experienced legal representation often increases the chances of obtaining a positive outcome.