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Nurse’s medical license suspended; faces 19 felony charges

On Behalf of | Dec 28, 2018 | Medical Licensing

Most Pennsylvania hospitals have neonatal intensive care units that provide specialized care to newborn infants.  There are typically several nurses working in a NICU at once, working as a team to provide care and treatment for a hospital’s youngest patients. Several incidents in a hospital in another state have resulted in a nurse having his medical license suspended. He is also facing criminal charges.

The nurse has had his practice privileges suspended at the hospital, which led to the suspension of his nursing license. Separately, he is headed to trial on criminal charges that he intentionally abused some of the patients in his care. Several of the infants who had been admitted to the NICU where the nurse was reportedly employed and on duty at the time suffered unexplained bruises, broken bones and even a skull fracture while they were there.

The nurse is accused of causing those injuries. A Wisconsin state licensing board suspended his license after an investigation was conducted at the hospital. Hospital officials reported that the man is no longer on the payroll at the facility. He appeared at a preliminary hearing recently regarding the criminal charges, where a plea of not guilty was entered on his behalf.

Issues regarding a medical license may be connected to criminal charges in some cases. These administrative proceedings are separate from the criminal justice system. Any Pennsylvania medical professional who is required to appear before a licensing board with respect to his or her license will want to secure the services of an attorney experienced in handling these types of proceedings, particularly when the individual is also facing related criminal charges.