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Are you facing medical licensing problems in Pennsylvania?

On Behalf of | Jan 10, 2019 | Medical Licensing

Pennsylvania doctors and nurses often encounter challenges regarding their relationships with patients, especially if a particular patient complains that he or she is not satisfied with the care being provided. From complaints regarding bedside manner to those involving clerical issues, such as having to wait a long time to get an appointment, working as a medical professional can be quite stressful. When a serious problem arises, such as a filed complaint that prompts medical licensing issues, it not only causes stress for the doctor or nurse involved, it may place his or her career on the line.

It is understandable that you might feel upset or even angry if someone challenges your professional reputation. However, the best thing to do in such circumstances may be to try to stay as calm as possible and access strong support to help you defend your license. Every professional license case in this state is processed in Harrisburg.

You spent years of your time and likely tens of thousands of dollars on earning a college degree and a license to practice as a doctor or nurse in this state. Not every patient complaint results in a license suspension or revocation. In fact, you may have several options available to help mitigate your circumstances.

If you’re currently facing a medical licensing problem in Pennsylvania, you do not have to go it alone when you appear before the board. The Law Offices of Brian E. Quinn provide guidance and strong support to those who hold professional or occupational licenses when their good standing and ability to continue working in their chosen fields is threatened by allegations of poor conduct. If you are nervous about an impending hearing, you may be able to alleviate stress by asking an experienced medical license attorney to act on your behalf.