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Doctor facing medical licensing problems re medical marijuana

On Behalf of | Jan 28, 2019 | Medical Licensing

In Pennsylvania and throughout the country, controversy continues to surround the topic of marijuana, in particular, whether it should be decriminalized under federal law and whether or not using it in certain forms has medical benefits. Many states have already adopted their own medical marijuana laws. A doctor in a neighboring state was proud to be one of the first physicians to register for the medical marijuana program in his area in 2012, but his work in this particular field has apparently led to medical licensing problems.

In short, the state that issued the doctor’s license has now suspended him from practice. In fact, he was ordered to stop practicing medicine altogether by a specific date in February. Accusations against the doctor state that he registered many patients for the medical marijuana program who did not meet the medical qualifications.

The state has accused the doctor of fabricating debilitating conditions for patients who were not applicable to use medical marijuana in New Jersey. The doctor has hired an attorney to represent him, and they are reportedly confident that they will succeed in getting the doctor’s license reinstated. He also said it is not uncommon for doctors who are trailblazers in their field of expertise to face problems like this.

The doctor’s medical licensing problems allegedly arose after undercover investigators posing as patients visited his office. They reported that he was lax in protecting patient privacy. Pennsylvania doctors currently facing similar licensing problems may want to follow this doctor’s example by turning to an experienced medical license defense attorney for support.