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Allergy doctor facing medical licensing problems re allegations

On Behalf of | Mar 11, 2019 | Medical Licensing

Many Pennsylvania residents suffer from seasonal allergies or other conditions related to food, topical products or chemicals. One of the most logical things to do if symptoms arise is to seek medical examination from a licensed physician who specializes as an allergist. An allergy doctor in another state is currently dealing with a medical licensing problem; his license has been suspended because of allegations made by some of his patients.

The situation involves three female patients who are teenagers. They claim the doctor acted inappropriately during examinations when they had sought diagnosis or treatment for allergies. The visits had taken place at two different office locations. The supposed incidents took place over a seven-year time span. The female patients in question say the doctor touched them in a sexual manner while he examined them.

An investigation took place, and an administrative law judge recommended that the doctor’s license be suspended for three years. The judge also recommended that he attend therapy sessions. The Board of Physicians acted on the recommendation, a decision that the doctor is appealing.

The doctor denies any wrongdoing. A medical licensing board is an administrative body; however, a any physician whose license is stake in Pennsylvania or elsewhere may seek legal support when appearing before a panel in defense of his or her license to practice medicine. An experienced attorney knows how to build a strong defense and help mitigate such circumstances as much as possible, which can have a long-lasting and far-reaching effect on a doctor’s career.