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Suspected drug use prompts medical licensing problems for nurses

On Behalf of | Mar 25, 2019 | Medical Licensing

When Pennsylvania nurses are accused of unprofessional behavior, it can place their careers at risk. Eight nurses in another state are currently facing medical licensing problems related to suspected substance abuse problems on the job. In situations like this, it is always a good idea to speak with an experienced medical licensing attorney to determine what type of defense strategy may be available to help mitigate circumstances.

The nurses in question have been restricted from legally performing their duties. One of the nurses is accused of exhibiting odd behavior at work, including slurred speech, an unstable gait and yelling at a co-worker. There are many medical conditions that could produce similar symptoms, such as mild stroke or other neurological emergencies.

However, this particular nurse is said to have provided a breath sample, and the results of the test caused her to be terminated from the job. The 28-year-old registered nurse reportedly told an addiction doctor that she had been using alcohol to self-medicate. She has been restricted in her license to practice nursing unless and until she follows recommendations to seek treatment and monitoring of her contract through the Intervention Project for Nurses program.

Another of the nurses had been convicted on a DUI charge, and part of her sentencing was to abstain from alcohol. Officials say she violated her probation by disruptive, intoxicated behavior and alleged verbal assault against patrons of a local pub. However, prosecutors said the information they received does not warrant prosecution. Medical licensing problems can occur whether a problem incident occurs on the job or when a Pennsylvania nurse is off-duty, as made evident by the case mentioned earlier; seeking consultation from an experienced license defense attorney is the best way to try to overcome such problems.