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Physician in another state files lawsuit against licensing board

On Behalf of | Apr 23, 2019 | Medical Licensing

A Pennsylvania doctor might undergo license suspension at some point in his or her career. When a licensing board issues such an order, the physician in question is guaranteed an opportunity to request a hearing and present a defense. A doctor in another state is suing the board who suspended his license. He claim that officials violated his rights by doing so.

The doctor treats patients at three anti-aging clinics. An attorney speaking on his behalf stated that the board issued an emergency suspension of his client’s medical license without due process of law. The doctor’s attorney also informed the court that the board acted without consideration of continued patient care.

The board, however, has refuted the allegations, stating that the physician in question has a scheduled hearing on the books and will be able to present a defense at that time. An evaluation team reportedly recommended that the emergency license suspension be issued after determining that the doctor’s skills were somehow impaired. The results of such evaluations are confidential; therefore, officials did not have to disclose what prompted their recommendation.

The licensing board claims it has reasonable cause to believe the suspended physician poses a public safety risk. The doctor’s attorney says evaluators could not find any evidence of impairment against his client within the scope of their evaluation process and issued the recommendation based on hearsay. Any Pennsylvania doctor currently trying to overcome similar license issues may want to seek legal guidance and support as the physician in this case has done, as experienced legal representation often has a positive influence on the ultimate outcome of a particular situation.