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What can cause a nurse to lose their license?

On Behalf of | Mar 20, 2020 | Firm News

Pennsylvanian health care employees work hard to get their medical license. It goes without say that these people work hard to uphold their work and keep their license safe. Today we will look at nursing licenses in particular. We will examine potential causes for a nurse to lose their license. 

It is not common for a nurse to have their license suspended. Sometimes an employer will take disciplinary action for mistakes made in the field. But it is rare for a mistake to be big enough for license suspension to be on the table. Some possible reasons for suspension include: 

  • Allegations of abuse or sexual misconduct 
  • Fraud 
  • Boundaries violations 
  • Drug related issues 
  • A criminal background check turning up positive 

The board of nursing takes allegations of abuse and misconduct very seriously. Nurses who are under investigation often have their license suspended. This is a precautionary measure. Even if their license is fine, employers may put them on forced leave. 

But some of these other issues are out of an individual’s hands. For example, a positive criminal background check may contain wrongful convictions. The board of nurses do not know the circumstances surrounding this conviction. They only know it is on your record and may act without having the full story. 

Are you interested in reading more about suspension of nursing licenses? Do you want to know how to protect medical licenses in the state? You can view our web page on medical license defense by following the link here. Learn more about what can threaten a license and how nurses can protect their licenses.