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What should you do if you are under investigation for a medical license infraction?

On Behalf of | Oct 29, 2020 | Firm News

For every medical professional, the medical license is critical to being able to maintain a career. If you lose your license, you cannot continue working as a nurse, doctor or physician. If you are facing an investigation from the medical board, you need to protect your rights.

It is critical to understand what steps you should take if you are under investigation. A wrong move could jeopardize your entire career.

Follow these three simple steps to protect yourself and your career:

  1. Talk with an attorney: This might be obvious, but the process of defending your professional license involves tremendous legal complexity. An experienced lawyer can help you navigate this complicated system to make sure your rights are protected and that you have the best chance possible to defend your license.
  2. Report any legal issues: The Federation of State Medical Boards and other professional organizations have been increasing their focus on prevention and proactivity, as well as placing a greater emphasis on protecting patients. Nurses in particular are required by law to report any arrests, sanctions or legal proceedings. Of course, talk with an attorney first, but you should do so very quickly to get everything in order before the reporting deadline passes.
  3. Do not say anything: The investigators are going to come at you with many questions, looking for a report of some kind. Your employer could ask you questions, too. They could say that your answers are confidential, but they might not have any obligation to keep your statements confidential. You have a right to legal counsel.

It is important to not panic. A team of experienced attorneys can help you through the complicated process and make sure you get the best chance possible for protecting your license.

If your career is at stake, take every precaution possible to protect it.