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What are reasons the state may suspend a dentistry license?

On Behalf of | Nov 20, 2020 | Medical Licensing

As someone licensed to practice dentistry in Pennsylvania, you understand the need for your patients to have total trust in your ability to treat whatever problems they have. However, if the state should suspect you have behaved in a manner contrary to the standards for dentists to operate in the state, you might face the suspension or revocation of your dentistry license. 

If you have any concerns that the state might have issues with your practice, you should know that the state cannot suspend your license for just any reason. Pennsylvania law describes various rationales for a state licensing board to take action against a dentist. 

Unprofessional behavior

Certain violations of what the state considers to be acceptable and prevailing practice of dentistry and dental hygiene could cause a state board to suspend or revoke your license. Unprofessional conduct can take different forms. They may include practicing dentistry beyond the boundaries of a restricted license or assisting an unlicensed person to engage in dental practices. It is important to note that the state might sanction you even if the conduct in question has not harmed a patient. 

Fraud or deceit

As a licensed professional, you likely take great pride in your accomplishments to make it to your current standing in the medical profession. Pennsylvania law insists that state dentists acquire their license through honest means. People who engage in deceit or fraud in order to gain a license to practice dentistry or to renew their license face the possibility of license suspension or revocation. 

Disciplinary action from another state

You might also run into problems if state authorities learn or believe that you have received disciplinary action from a licensing authority in another state or even another country. According to Pennsylvania law, you could suffer a revocation or suspension if an out of state licensing board has already revoked or suspended your license, or if you had applied for a dentistry license but the board rejected you. 

It is possible that a state licensing board will never have a reason to suspect you of these offenses. Still, in the event you do face a defense of your license to practice dentistry, remember that you may benefit from keeping a positive attitude as you work through your defense.