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How will a felony charge affect my license?

On Behalf of | Dec 17, 2020 | Medical Licensing

As a medical professional, your medical license is a privilege. While you did earn it, you did not earn the right to keep it. If you violate the rules and regulations of licensing, you could lose it. 

One particular area of concern is when it comes to criminal charges. If you face a felony conviction, your medical license is at risk. The American Bar Association explains that once you know you are facing a felony charge, you need to start working to prevent negative consequences to your license and professional image. 

Losing your license

It is highly likely that that state could revoke your medical license if you have a felony conviction. Specifically, if the charges relate at all to the practice of medicine, you will face a battle to maintain your license. There is the potential for immediate revocation upon conviction. You should research the law and know exactly what to expect. 

Looking at preventative measures

You may have the option to enter a treatment program to help prevent the total loss of your license. It will likely depend on the type of charge you face. Other diversion programs may also be an option to save your license in the long-term. 

Updating the NPDB report

The National Practitioner Data Bank keeps information about you on a professional level. It is a database that many organizations will use to check into your disciplinary background and to get information about you. 

Upon a criminal charge, you should do a self-inquiry to check your NPDB report. You want to confirm the accuracy of anything in your report. You can also issue a statement on your report explaining the criminal charge. This enables you to tell your side of the story and is available to anyone requesting the report moving forward.