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Those with a suspended RN license still have employment options

On Behalf of | Jan 28, 2021 | Medical Licensing

Many dedicated nurses will feel a sense of confusion or loss if their RN license is suspended or choose to leave for personal reasons. The question they ask themselves is: “What can I do now?”

Whether the concern is financial security or finding a new purpose, an RN’s hard work, rigorous training and singular experience are highly marketable skills useful for various careers outside of nursing. It is worth noting that applicants may undergo a background check – so they should prepare to sell themselves and their skillset to potential employers.

New career possibilities

These can work in the short term as an individual waits for their license reinstatement or a permanent move in a new direction:

  • Nursing assistant: Some with suspended licenses still may qualify to work as a nursing assistant.
  • Nurse consultant: These often provide medical expertise to legal teams involved in cases with medical issues, including evaluating medical charts and understanding the medical treatment protocols.
  • Medical sales executive: This lucrative career involves selling medical supplies and products, as well as educating doctors, nurses and medical professionals about how to use new products and services.
  • Medical researcher: This enables the former RN to study the human body and how it reacts to new or cutting-edge medications. This can lead to long-term improvements in treatment.
  • Health service administrator: Like an office manager, this involves managing departments or facilities, day to day operations, customer experience, and budgets.
  • Home health and personal care aide: Personal care aides and home health aides help patients with personal grooming, bathing and other daily living tasks. One difference between the two jobs is personal care aides also offer housekeeping services.
  • Jobs outside the medical field: Do not underestimate the benefits of choosing something outside the medical field. Perhaps it’s time to pursue that dream career pushed to the side to do something “sensible” like nursing.

Fresh opportunities lead to fresh perspective

It is now common for professionals to go through a series of different jobs before retiring. Some of these changes are by choice, while others may be thrust upon them. Rather than focus on maintaining a job path that may have led to stress, burnout or unhappy memories, changes can lead to fresh opportunities. These can also provide a fresh perspective for when it is again time to do something you love, such as nursing.