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What may cause traveling nurses to lose their licenses?

On Behalf of | Apr 20, 2021 | Medical Licensing

Traveling nurses are a necessary asset to the medical world, as they help reduce nursing shortages anywhere in the Pennsylvania area. They often step into important roles at hospitals, clinics and nursing homes where the need is greatest, but what happens when something goes wrong and a traveling nurse finds his or her license suspended?

Healthcare company American Mobile notes that this is a rare occurrence, with fewer than 1% of nurses experiencing a suspension or loss of their licenses; however, if you make your career as a traveling nurse, there are some actionable offenses you may want to know about.

Drug conviction

A drug conviction may cause you to lose your nursing license, whether the charge stemmed from illegal or prescription drug use. In some cases, you may face a long-term suspension of your traveling nurse license or the state may ask that you surrender it voluntarily.

Patient abuse or neglect

Failing to provide patients with the care they need or physically and emotionally abusing them may cause you to lose your license depending on the severity of the behavior and the impact on your patients. There are different types of abuse and neglect, including:

  • Allowing the development of bedsores
  • Shouting at or striking patients
  • Making violent threats

In most cases, this type of offense usually requires a conviction before you experience any disciplinary actions.

Hiding previous offenses

As a traveling nurse, you are likely subject to background checks. Attempting to cover or hide past offenses related to your career may result in a suspension of your license if the state uncovers any wrongdoing.

The Pennsylvania Board of Nurses will likely decide which disciplinary actions to take once a conviction occurs. While not every scenario may result in the loss or suspension of a license, some may permanently affect your career as a traveling nurse.