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What nursing jobs can you work after losing your license?

On Behalf of | Oct 6, 2021 | blog, Medical Licensing

While you still have your nursing license, a recent disciplinary action could change that. You want to explore other job opportunities, in case your legal situation goes south.

Chron lists jobs for nurses who lost their licenses. No matter the outcome of your medical license defense, understand which career moves to make.

Nursing assistant

Whether you qualify for nursing assistant positions depends on the reason for your disciplinary action. A history of patient neglect or abuse could disqualify you from job openings. If you displayed unprofessional conduct, you may receive a job offer. Expect employers to learn about your disciplinary action and the reason for it when they check your background.

Additional medical care positions

Depending on your training and skills, you could qualify for jobs outside nursing. Nurses with knowledge of medical terminology may fill medical secretary roles. If you like administrative and clerical tasks, explore job openings for medical assistants. You could work outside a health care setting as a home health aid. Job responsibilities include helping patients with dressing, personal hygiene and other daily living tasks. If you do not mind housekeeping, you could look into becoming a personal care aide. Depending on which medical care position you prefer, you may need to pass a background check.

Jobs that require nursing skill

Perhaps you do not mind working in another industry. If not, you could leverage your nursing skills, such as interpersonal skills, attention to detail and quickly responding to emergencies.

Being proactive about your career’s future could help ease your anxiety about your case’s outcome. Hopefully, you now have a better idea of how to proceed.