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3 steps to follow if you are the subject of a medical board complaint

On Behalf of | Aug 29, 2022 | Medical Licensing

Unexpectedly, you learn that a patient has a complaint about an alleged failure in care, a prescription error, or any number of issues. Suddenly you find yourself the subject of a medical board complaint.

Since complaints are easy to file, unlike malpractice suits, an official complaint that you did not anticipate may surprise you. While it is difficult not to take them personally, it is imperative that you respond to them quickly and professionally.

Do seek legal counsel

Every medical board complaint, even if it seems baseless or frivolous, has the potential to threaten your career. The first thing that you should do is secure legal counsel to help guide your response. You deserve to have a Philadelphia attorney with extensive expertise in defending medical licenses on your team. Call The Law Offices of Brian E. Quinn before you do anything else.

Do not ignore the complaint

Your instinct may be to simply ignore a medical board complaint, particularly if you feel it is baseless. However, the best way to protect your license and your career is to respond promptly. Ignoring the complaint will only make things worse.

Do share information with your employer and affiliated hospitals

It may feel like pointless busywork to contact your employer and affiliated hospitals whenever someone files a medical board complaint, but transparency about the process is always the best policy. Allowing your associates to hear about the complaint from anyone other than you can put you, and them, in a poor position.

If you unexpectedly find yourself in the middle of a medical board complaint avoid these mistakes that can damage your career.