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If you lose your license, can you get one in another state?

On Behalf of | Oct 24, 2022 | Medical Licensing

The loss of a medical license is a big deal. It usually does not happen unless there is strong evidence against you that you did something to endanger patients.

If you lose your medical license, you may wonder if your career is over. Unless you have a very short suspension period, you will have to figure out a way to earn money. You may consider moving to a different state and trying to get a license there. But is this possible?

Licensing process

The American Medical Association explains to get a medical license in any state, you must go through a review process. The licensing board in the new state will look over your record in the other state. They will discover the suspension and any disciplinary action against you. So, if you do not currently have a license in another state, it may be impossible for you to pass the process to get one in a new state.

Current licenses

However, if you hold a license in multiple states, then you may be able to practice in the other state. You will not have to go through the licensing process since you already have one. There is no review of your record unless authorities take the steps to ensure a suspension of all your medical licenses. But licensing happens on a state level. It is not federal, so there is not one unified system for licensing, which could mean you maintain your license in other states.

So, in some cases, you may be able to get licensed in another state after losing your license in Pennsylvania. However, you should consider if this is a good idea. Think about your suspension and whether you should try to remedy it by taking more classes or getting more training before you start seeing patients again.