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3 ways medical professionals can lose their licenses

On Behalf of | Mar 3, 2023 | Medical Licensing

As a healthcare professional, you struggled and persevered for years through many hardships to earn the license that allows you to practice medicine. However, earning it does not guarantee you can keep it forever.

Those in the medical profession like you must meet high standards. Failing to meet these may lead to the loss of your license. For instance, an Oregon family doctor lost his license for failing to observe proper protocol and for spreading misinformation to his patients. This is only one of many ways you can lose your medical license.

1. Abusing substances

Because your work has the potential to impact human life, it is imperative for you to remain steady and sober and avoid the consumption of any substances that may impair your thinking ability. However, due to the extreme stress of their jobs and proximity to such substances, many healthcare professionals abuse them. Even if you do not come to work with a substance in your system, a conviction outside of work can still cost you your license.

2. Abusing prescription drug privileges

Medical professionals may have the right to prescribe medicine, but that comes with a heavy responsibility. If you prescribe unneeded medications or become involved in something unethical or illegal, like a pill mill, you can lose your license.

3. Abusing your position by performing discriminatory actions

You also have a duty to treat your patients fairly. This means you cannot discriminate against an individual because of gender, religion, race or other reasons.

By remaining cognizant of stated and unspoken responsibilities and proactively treating patients in a just manner, you eliminate grounds to strip you of your license. Behaving ethically in and out of the office when it comes to medical-related areas is important for maintaining your right to continue practicing medicine.