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Can a night out negatively impact Pennsylvania nursing licenses?

On Behalf of | Jun 2, 2023 | blog, Medical Licensing

Being a nurse in Pennsylvania means adhering to a strict code of professional conduct, both on and off duty. A fun night out can become a career-threatening event if it leads to certain actions that go against this professional code.

Consider how a night of enjoyment could potentially result in the loss of a nursing license.

Driving under the influence

Pennsylvania has stringent laws against driving under the influence. If a nurse receives a DUI conviction, it could result in the Pennsylvania State Board of Nursing reviewing their license. The Board may suspend or revoke licenses based on the seriousness of the incident.

Drug-related offenses

Use of illegal drugs can also have a serious impact on a nurse’s license. Even the possession of controlled substances without a valid prescription could lead to trouble. A nurse could lose their license if found guilty of such offenses.

Disorderly conduct

Disorderly conduct, such as getting involved in a brawl or causing a public disturbance, could raise questions about a nurse’s character and professionalism. The Board could take action against nurses who display such behavior, which might include license revocation.

Engaging in illegal activities

Engaging in any illegal activities that lead to arrest or conviction could put a nurse’s license at risk. This applies even if the activities are not related to their professional duties. The Board emphasizes good moral character as a prerequisite for maintaining a nursing license.

The nursing profession carries significant responsibilities and expectations. Nurses must remember their professional obligations and strive to uphold the standards of their role in health care at all times.