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How to know if your medical license is at risk

On Behalf of | May 21, 2024 | Medical Licensing

Strict regulations in the medical field exist to ensure the safety of patients. As a doctor, nurse or other healthcare professional, you must adhere to these standards to maintain your license.

Workplace errors and certain types of conduct can result in the revocation of your right to work. Therefore, it remains paramount that you know the indicators of trouble so you can take immediate corrective measures.

Frequent objections from patients

One of the first indicators your medical license might be in jeopardy is constantly receiving complaints from those you treat. Should you notice increasing criticisms, recognize this as a warning sign.

Disciplinary actions

If your employer issues disciplinary strikes against you, take them seriously. These suggest dissatisfaction with your performance or concerns about your bedside manner. A multitude of warnings may trigger a review by the licensing board.

Failure to meet continuing education requirements

Medical professionals must complete continuing education hours to maintain their licenses. Keep track of your credits and ensure you are current.

Substance abuse problems

Drugs are a serious concern in the healthcare industry, given the access to medications and the high-stress nature of the job. If you struggle with addiction, it could not only impact your ability to perform your duties but also put your license at risk. Seek treatment before workplace incidents occur.

Investigations by a medical board

An investigation by a medical board could spell big trouble. Being the subject of a probe does not automatically mean you will lose your license, but it does mean some issues need addressing.

Protect your license by staying informed about the expectations inherent in your occupation. When in doubt, ask for clarification and preserve your ability to practice.