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Can you lose your medical license over back child support?

On Behalf of | Jun 16, 2022 | Medical Licensing

From allegations of prescription fraud or sexual misconduct to substance abuse and illegal billing, there are many different reasons why you could lose your medical license. In addition, it is pivotal to realize that unpaid child support could also affect your medical license.

Whether you have kids and want to end your marriage or you already owe child support, it is crucial to understand how failing to stay current on these obligations could jeopardize your practice.

Medical license suspension due to back support

The Pennsylvania Department of Human Services outlines a number of consequences associated with failing to pay child support, including the suspension of occupational and professional licenses. Some medical professionals do not realize the wide range of penalties associated with missing child support payments, or the impact that falling behind can have on their careers. Unfortunately, if you lose your medical license, this could have long-term financial implications.

Additionally, many physicians owe a significant amount of child support due to their income, which can make it especially difficult to stay current amid financial hardships.

Protecting your medical license

The loss of your medical license could threaten your career and lead to long-term hardships, such as a shattered reputation. Whether your license is at risk as a result of unpaid child support or charges related to fraud or misconduct, you need to swiftly take action to safeguard your license.

If your medical license is at stake, you likely have high levels of stress, but it is vital to remain calm and try to stay positive while focusing on your options. Sometimes, seemingly minor details can play an important role in medical license defense.