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West Coast doctor facing medical license problems

There may be some doctors in Pennsylvania currently facing serious issues regarding their licenses to practice medicine. Sometimes, such problems arise when a patient or other staff member accuses a particular doctor of unethical behavior on the job. An anesthesiologist in another state was recently brought before the medical license board regarding a situation that resulted in the death of a patient.

The doctor was reportedly treating the woman for various adverse health conditions, including obesity, chronic pain and hypertension. Officials say he prescribed very strong narcotics to the woman as part of her treatment, every few months. He is accused, however, of failing to counsel the patient on the dangers of addiction associated with the controlled substances she was using.

Why is Harrisburg significant to your medical licensing problem?

If you've come under fire in Pennsylvania and are at risk for losing your physician's license, you may be feeling nervous about the process you're about to enter. In this state, all medical licensing hearings are held in Harrisburg, a metropolitan area in Susquehanna Valley. Whether you live near there or will be traveling from across the state, in either case it would likely be less stressful if you did not go it alone.

When your professional reputation is called into question, it may impact your private life and career even before the situation has officially been resolved. If you're later cleared of all charges brought against you, it may still take some time to restore your good standing in your community since there is often a certain stigma attached to being accused of professional wrongdoing. Mitigating such circumstances is often easier if you allow a highly experienced and aggressive attorney to act on your behalf.

As a medical professional, VRP could help save your license

Everyone makes mistakes. Even though medical professionals must often meet a higher standard than most people because they can literally hold people's lives in their hands, they too, make mistakes. The stresses of the job could easily lead to the misuse of drugs or alcohol to cope.

If you are a physician, that mistake could have a significant impact on your professional life and license. Fortunately, there are ways to mitigate the damage, and Pennsylvania's Voluntary Recovery Program is one of them. No one wants to see a talented individual have to leave the medical profession if possible.

Medical licensing: Doctor's career at risk

Pennsylvania doctors keep a lot of records regarding patient care and treatments for adverse health conditions. If a patient requests a copy of his or her medical records and then claims that what's written is not what actually transpired, it could create a medical licensing problem for the doctor. This is one of the accusations that's been asserted against a doctor in another state, whose license has now been suspended.

This particular physician is an oncologist. A woman came to him when she wasn't feeling well, and a biopsy of her lung was ordered. Her lung collapsed and she was admitted to the hospital. Various tests were done that showed she had cancer in her lungs and abdomen.

Doctors may shun drug addiction treatment over medical licensing

Somewhere in Pennsylvania, there are likely doctors who are battling secret drug addictions. Studies show doctors are definitely not immune to addiction, and, in fact, they develop addictions at the same rate as those outside the medical profession. However, doctors apparently do not seek help to overcome their addictions as often as other people, perhaps because they fear medical licensing problems if they do.

One physician stated he believes many doctors convince themselves that because they possess vast knowledge regarding drugs (and addiction), they will be able to handle their own drug habits without repercussion. In other words, they mistakenly think there is a right and a wrong way to do drugs and as long as they do it the right way, there won't be a problem. Sadly, many wind up in very grave circumstances before realizing their thought processes are in error.

Medical professional and addict: how to protect your license

Addiction is a serious problem, and it is one that can impact various areas of your life, including your career. If you are a medical professional, your addiction not only can cost you your license and your ability to keep your career, it can affect those you treat and care for. 

If you fear that you may lose your professional license because of your addiction, you have options. You would be wise to work quickly to shield your rights, not only to retain your license and protect your career, but to get the help you need to beat your addiction and move forward with your life.

Over the past 30 years, we have assisted many healthcare professionals get into treatment while protecting their professional licenses at the same time.

Doctor faces medical licensing issues re criminal investigation

Investigators in a state adjacent to Pennsylvania have been working for years to solve a murder. A woman who was married to an endocrinologist, and was also a popular radio show host in her own right, was slain. Recently, the woman's husband found himself facing a criminal investigation and medical licensing issues after police showed up at his office.

The officers say they arrived at the doctor's office with a search warrant that was unrelated to the woman's death. They claim when they attempted to serve the warrant, the physician drew a gun and threatened to commit suicide rather than go to jail. The incident culminated with the doctor's arrest and various weapons charges filed against him. The reasons for the search warrant were not further explained other than indicating that it was part of an investigation involving a number of jurisdictions and not connected to the murder case.

Pain management doctor facing medical licensing problem

Doctors in Pennsylvania, like many others throughout the nation, often carry licenses to practice medicine in multiple states. If a situation develops where disciplinary action takes place that affects a doctor's license in a particular state, it doesn't necessarily mean the same doctor can't continue to practice medicine in whatever other states he or she holds a license. There are various reasons a doctor's medical licensing may be called into question. For one woman, a problem stemmed from reported complaints against her.

The doctor in this case primarily focused on pain management and anesthesiology for adults, as well as pediatric anesthesiology. No details were provided as to who exactly filed the complaints against her; however, it was enough to pique the medical review board's concern, prompting them to take a closer look at the situation. This ultimately led to a hearing, which the doctor herself did not attend.

What can I expect from the nursing board complaint process?

If your hands are shaky lately and your stomach feels queasy, it is understandable, especially if you have received notification that the State Board of Nursing is examining a complaint against you. You may be losing sleep and feeling impatient with others. This is not the best frame of mind for someone in the nursing profession.

You probably felt caught off guard by the summons to appear before the board, or you may have been expecting it for some time. Perhaps you are looking forward to telling your side of the story. However, you may need to know some things before your hearing.

Doctor in another state is seeking medical license defense

There are many situations that can threaten a Pennsylvania doctor's professional license. One of them is being arrested and charged with driving under the influence of alcohol. In fact, a doctor in another state is preparing a medical license defense due to a similar situation that occurred last year.

The doctor, who was convicted of DUI in criminal court, has worked under contracts for a pathology lab in several counties on the West Coast. The doctor is also one of seven others appointed to an executive advisory committee, in which the appointment process has been called into question. In 2016, the same doctor was arrested on suspicion of drunk driving.

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