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Doctor in Pennsylvania accused of inappropriate touching

On Behalf of | Jan 3, 2014 | Medical Licensing

Allegations of inappropriate touching have been leveled against a doctor here in Pennsylvania.

In July, authorities brought indecent assault charges against the doctor. The charges were brought after three women lodged complaints claiming that the doctor engaged in inappropriate touching against them while they were his patients.

Recently, two additional charges were brought against the doctor: a corruption of minors charge and another indecent assault charge. These charges are related to allegations a former patient has made that she was touched inappropriately by the doctor when she was a minor.

According to a representative of the doctor, the doctor denies having inappropriately touched patients.

One wonders what will ultimately occur in relation to this matter.

Being accused of having touched a patient in an inappropriate manner is an incredibly serious accusation for a medical professional to face. As can be seen from the case discussed above, such allegations sometimes lead to a medical professional facing criminal proceedings.

It is important to note that criminal proceedings are not the only thing a healthcare professional can end up facing in connection to accusations of inappropriate touching. Allegations of inappropriate touching or other boundary violations sometimes lead to hearings being held to decide whether or not any profession-related disciplinary measures, such as a revocation of a professional license, will be taken against a medical professional. Such hearings have a very specific and unique set of rules associated with them. Experienced license defense attorneys understand the workings of such hearings and can help healthcare professionals who are facing such hearings.

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