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Drug allegations can endanger a nurse’s license

On Behalf of | Apr 9, 2014 | Medical Licensing

Promptly consulting a license defense attorney is something a Pennsylvania nurse should consider if they have been accused of crimes involving illegal drugs. Allegations regarding illegal drugs can result in a nurse facing major professional consequences. License defense attorneys can talk over options with nurses accused of drug offenses, can help such nurses with any nursing board hearings they are facing and can work to minimize the professional impacts the allegations have.

One of the professional disciplinary measures that is sometimes taken against a nurse over drug allegations is a suspension of their nursing license. This can be seen in a matter that recently came up in another state.

The matter involves a 52-year-old woman who worked as a licensed nurse at a high school in Rhode Island. The woman has been accused of drug crimes.

According to authorities, on March 13, the woman was unconscious in a car that was parked at a liquor store. Authorities say that two syringes and a crack cocaine pipe were found in the car when police searched it. Authorities further say that the woman admitted to having a bag containing heroin in a body cavity and gave the bag to police after an officer had been brought in to do a body search of her.

A charge of heroin possession has been brought against the woman in relation to the incident.

Recently, in relation to these drug allegations, the director of Rhode Island’s health department issued a summary nursing license suspension against the woman.

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